US Couples Who Had Met Online Are Happier Than Others: Here’s Why

It doesn’t matter where you find love as long as you find it, right? Well, that might not be the case anymore as many studies suggest that love that comes into this world via internet is, by many standards, “better.”

Thanks to the wifi technology, the internet managed to incorporate itself into our very souls and into every aspect of our lives. We’re online 24/7, and we’re loving every moment of it. After successfully conquering the social, entertainment, and work chapters in just two decades, the internet also started conquering something that many doubted it ever would – romance.
US couples

Online Dating Supremacy

It’s hard now to imagine a world prior to online dating, especially if you take the overwhelming evidence of its supremacy over standard means of meeting potential partners into consideration. People even claim that dating online might be the most functional and easiest way of finding a life mate. And recently, new evidence of internet love’s supremacy was brought to the world’s attention.

Several studies have shown that US couples who had met online are, in many ways, happier than those who had met via more traditional means.

The United States are one of the biggest (if not the biggest) online dating friendly markets in the world. Americans are huge fans of online dating, and singles of this country are swiping, liking, and winking at every given moment. And why wouldn’t they, when they’re aware of the fact that it will guarantee them not only a perfect match, but also a much happier relationship when they finally find someone.

US couples who met online are in fact much happier than others, and there are a couple of reasons behind this phenomenon.

More Common Interests

When you’re signing-up for an online dating site, you’re “forced” into either taking a questionnaire or listing some of your interests in a pre-designated area on your online dating profile. Every member of an online dating service has to state their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes and everything else that makes them the special snowflake that they are.

This makes it possible for the dating service to match every individual with someone like-minded and compatible. In other words – everyone indeed finds their perfect match.

On the other hand, people who stumble onto someone perfect for them (in any or all aspects) in the “real world” are considered to be extremely lucky. Although opposites do attract, they rarely manage to stick together.


No one is as motivated for building a healthy, long-term relationship and life partnership as Americans are. However, it takes time for most people to actually get to that point in their lives – when they finally decide that they’ve had it with hook-ups and purely sexual encounters, but when they actually do – US citizens switch their online dating services from the likes of Tinder to some online dating platforms that were designed to connect people who are looking for something serious.

Those online dating services (sites, primarily) specifically cater to individuals who are looking for the perfect partner and want to settle down. Therefore, everyone on those sites knows why they’re there in the first place. There is no misguiding, leading-on, or lying.

When you know that you and your potential partner are on the same page, you are more likely to be more relaxed and ready to go that extra mile to create something genuine and beautiful.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t know what they want, it’s easy to fall into a “go with the flow” rut which often leads nowhere and is usually a waste of time.