The Science Behind Online Romance: What Makes Us Drawn To Someone’s Profile?

Although many choices we make may seem random at times, it’s a known fact that everything we do, everything we think of or say, and everything we’re attracted to, is connected to our psyche. That includes the people we are drawn to, even the ones we don’t meet in person.

Have you ever gazed upon someone’s social media profile and just felt attracted to them? Let alone on an online dating profile? If yes (and the chances are that you did), did you wonder why?

Why are we attracted to certain types of online dating profiles?

The Photo

We start off with the most obvious reason – someone’s profile photo. Naturally, we’re all more drawn to certain physical attributes of people, and therefore it isn’t a huge surprise that someone’s looks on a photo can trigger something within us. However, the seemingly random attraction also has a lot to do with the context and the style of the photo itself, not just the person that on it, smiling for the camera.

The way we’re positioned on the photo, our pose, facial expression, the surroundings and even lighting all affect the way someone perceives us and directly attracts (or doesn’t) someone to us. Also, everyone is more prone to feeling an attraction towards someone who is performing a type of activity on the photo.

The Humor

Every online dating profile has a “about me” section, which you should definitely fill if you’re really interested in finding someone who gets you. Most people list a good sense of humor as one of the main things that their ideal significant other must possess, and naturally, if you show that you’re a funny girl or guy someone will instantly find that attractive.

A good sense of humor can also be portrayed with a photo or a funny user name. Studies have found that 98% of people will check out an online dating profile that has an interesting or funny username.

Why do we react to this characteristic the way that we do? Simply because it is a sign of intelligence and confidence – and there’s no person on the planet that doesn’t find that attractive.


Being attracted to someone who has a good educational background and a solid career is not just a matter of wanting a higher social status – it’s actually more connected to the primal in all of us. Everyone wants someone who can take care of their hypothetical family, and these factors are good indicators of that.

The “most viewed” profiles on various online dating sites and apps belong to people who have a job that they love and are at least fairly well educated.