Is Online Dating A Romance Killer?

We can all agree by now that online dating is much more efficient, practical, and comfortable than conventional dating. It’s really hard to say wasting time on dates that are doomed to fail is better than browsing profiles from the comfort of your home until you find exactly the type of person you can see yourself with.

However, online dating is far from perfect. While it might be an easier path to a relationship, it certainly takes some things out of the deal – for example, romance. With that in mind, here’s our take on the question “Is online dating a romance killer?”
Online Dating A Romance Killer

Technicality Vs. Mystery

Although normal dating can become tedious and tiresome after a few failed dates, it possesses something you will rarely find on any give online dating site. We’re talking about mystery: learning detail after detail about the person you’re dating is sometimes more exciting than the relationship itself.

It’s the mystery that makes getting to know someone so great. And while conventional dating puts that in the spotlight, online dating can’t list mystery as its strong suit.

But why?

The answer is pretty simple: technicality. Online dating is all about finding a partner fast and with ease. This means that a large majority of profiles on many dating services are packed with information regarding the person, such as likes, dislikes, life goals, music, movie and book preferences, and so on.

The Tables Have Turned

In all honesty, we bet that this seemed like a pretty good concept once online dating kicked off. In the meantime, the phenomenon grew exponentially, with more and more people joining dating sites daily. Nowadays, it threatens to overrun face-time and normal dating as an idea.

Where does that leave us – browsing through countless profiles that strongly resemble legal documents, of course. Although the online dating industry boomed over the last couple of years, it simply doesn’t contain that much romance no matter how sweet the story of two people meeting on an online dating site might be.

Every person who ever used dating services is susceptible to this fate. Unless they leave out most of the information about themselves, that is. This would create a figurative veil around someone, shrouding them in mystery and truly giving “meeting a stranger” a bigger meaning when it comes to online dating.

On the other hand, this can create a problem. The main reason behind this is that scammers, thieves, frauds, and bots create profiles like these.

They either don’t have the time or the English skills to fill out all the info – especially if they’re featured on a free dating site – which ultimately means you’ll look like one of them if you skip properly setting up your profile.

All in all, it looks like a lose-lose situation for romance in online dating. The only solution to this would be to reveal just enough about yourself so that someone might get interested, but not all of it – make them want to get to know you instead of serving them everything about you on a plate.