Online Dating In Philadelphia: Is There A ‘Perfect Partner’?

Although different nations have different ideas of what a perfect “something” is, the majority of them agree on what should a perfect partner be like. The ideology behind love can be complicated, and the list of things we look for in a partner may get longer as we get older.

Longer, but also simpler in some way.

Studies (and real-life experiences) have shown that people of Philadelphia and their ideology of “what does make a perfect partner” are not an oddity when compared to the rest of the country. All in all, we all look for the same basic things in a relationship: to be respected and to be loved.

Although the picture of the average American Joe and Jane (and everything in between) changes slightly every now and then, their souls and deepest desires do not. So, what does the average Philly person look for in a partner? Let’s find out.


Aretha Franklin said it best, and no one can stress this important issue enough. Respect is one of the main things that make a healthy relationship. If there’s no mutual respect, there cannot be understanding, true love, and happiness in a relationship.

No one wants to feel unappreciated and unacknowledged as a person by someone they’re trying to form a partnership with.

Work Ethics And Ambitions

All of us have different levels of goals and dreams, however one thing is certain – you have to have them.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic and a corporate ideologist to want to make something of your life or to do something that you love. Most Americans need a partner who wants to create something that will grant (at least some form of) stability and security. And that cannot be reached without having strong work ethics and ambitions.

Emotional Stability And Security

According to studies, Americans (as all nations around the world) need to feel loved and need to feel secure and stable within a relationship.

Knowing that you’re with someone who loves to have you in their life, who loves to love you, and who will stick with you through thick and thin is incredibly important to the average US citizen. Desire for one another comes and goes, as do material things, but the feeling of safety and the warmth of a secure unity stays forever.

Financial Security

As we live in tough times (which only seem to get tougher), especially when looking from the financial angle, most Philadelphia residents look for at least some type of financial security when choosing the ideal partner.

That doesn’t mean that they are all looking for someone who’s has a huge income, don’t get us wrong. Instead, the perfect partner according to the average American is someone who can deal with money; someone who has a grown-up attitude towards it.

Big spenders and people who don’t know how to deal with the money they have are typically people who won’t be able to take care of their family.

Openness To Love

A lot of people struggle with emotional openness, and the ability to love. Some were hurt, some never even experienced true love, while others don’t want to create a possibility of getting hurt at all. However, if you want to create a future with an average person from Philly, you need to be open to love.

Being closed emotionally won’t get you pass the fifth date and it definitely won’t help you to form a true partnership with someone. After all, you can’t expect to be loved without being open to love someone back. The perfect partner according to average Joes and Janes is someone who is not afraid of loving someone back.