Long Distance Relationships 101: How To Make It Work

Although traditional and online dating are pretty much two similar processes that only take different paths towards achieving the same goal, the relationships that come out of these two forms of finding love are very much different from one another.

While we all know how conventional dating works, the romance that begins via meeting someone on an online dating site is a whole another story.

The rules, scenarios, and types of people you can meet on the internet are very different from what you can encounter in the offline world. In that name, here are a few tips on how to make a long distance relationship work.

Easy As One, Two, Three

If you thought long distance relationships are a rarity nowadays, think again. With all the benefits and ease-of-access modern technology is providing us with these days, more and more people are finding their soul mates on other sides of the world, mostly thanks to online dating.

So if you are a regular dating service user but you haven’t found your one true love yet, you should probably prepare for a scenario in which your perfect girl/guy lives in another country, or even another continent.

What we’re going to say next can and should be applied to any sort of relationship, be it long distance, short distance, romantic, friendly, or any other kind.

The first and foremost thing you must never forget is to be honest.

Keeping things straight between two people is what makes any partnership work, even if the said pair isn’t romantically engaged. If they are, honesty gains even more importance, as it’s ultimately what makes or breaks a relationship.

Imagine this:

Your partner lives thousands of miles away from you. You’re falling head over heels for each other and all seems to be working like clockwork for now. But then, someone you’ve recently met starts flirting with you.

If you don’t tell your partner, whether because you’ve disregarded it as a trivial thing or because you’re afraid of conflict, it will most certainly come to surface eventually and only hurt your relationship. The damage is even greater in long distance relationships, considering there’s no face-time between the two partners.

On the other hand, telling your partner straight away will truly turn it into a trivial thing and you’ll show loyalty and honesty – attributes people generally value in their soul mates.

Spice It Up And Keep It Interesting

The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” can be a real threat to a long distance couple, whether they’ve met in a bar or via an online dating site. That’s why it’s up to you and your partner to keep the relationship interesting and alive.

Try doing things together all the time, despite the distance that separates you.

Facetime, Skype, text each other. Each of you can do one half of a video or photo, make drawings for each other, or do other kinds of fun couple stuff you would normally do – this will take your minds off of the physical space and will ultimately bring you closer together.

Finally, remember that this won’t last forever. Sooner or later, you’ll be reunited with your love, at which point all the perils you two have overcome in the past will only make your bond stronger.