How To Impress A Girl/Guy Online

Once you get inside the world of online dating, you will naturally start searching for your perfect romantic companion. Since there are so many people using online dating sites nowadays, the search part probably won’t take too long.

So, you have established a contact with a cute girl/guy, now what? You may ask yourself “How do I impress them?“, and that is a perfectly normal concern. There are so many profiles on today’s dating sites that you simply have to try harder in order to stand out from the competition.

Like in many other aspects of life, you simply have to make few mistakes in order to move forward, but we decided to make it a little bit easier for all beginners out there. So, here are some cool tips and tricks that will definitely help you to easily seal the deal on online dating site.


Try to post as many photos as you can with you having fun. There is nothing more appealing than a person that is free and who knows how to have a good time. Besides, those photos can be an awesome conversation starter, so you can tell your potential match how you spend your free time.

Always avoid adding serious or sad photos to your profile. There is already so much seriousness in the world, no one wants to be serious on a dating site. Remember, a wide smile will get you far in the online dating world.

Be Smooth While You Chat

Honestly, this is the biggest gray area in the entire dating world. Some people are able to hit it off right after first few messages, but that’s not always the case. You probably heard those “rules” like “you shouldn’t text her first” or “Wait, leave him hanging for a few days”, those are cheap and insulting tricks.

If you really like the person you should definitely text them, don’t listen to those stigmas.

There are a couple of rules you should follow, though. For example, if you text your crush first, you simply have to be patient. If they don’t answer right away, that’s fine, just wait a little bit. You mustn’t send a follow-up message because you’ll come across as a desperate and needy person. Of course, if they leave you hanging for too long, just move on, they don’t deserve your attention and time.

When you finally start chatting on a regular basis, you should search for interesting mutual topics to chat about. Be clever, witty, and make them laugh, hard! If you are able make them laugh, you’re halfway there.

Subtly Ask Them Out

So, after weeks of online chatting, you’ve finally come to this deciding moment. You have to be brave and ask them out. This is considered to be a guy’s job, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Quite the contrary, guys love girls that know how to take the initiative. That is always a pleasant change of pace.

So, whether you’re a girl or a guy, you shouldn’t ask your online match to go out for a dinner, it’s too soon for that. On the other hand, a coffee is a bit too casual, it sounds like you want to be just friends. You want something with a little bit of romantic ring to it. “Would you like to continue this chat over a few drinks?” is the absolute sweet spot.

We really hope that these basic tips will help you on your voyage through various online dating sites. Be brave, be patient, and follow these steps. You are bound to find yourself a perfect match. Good luck.