How To Become A Successful Online Dater – The Complete Guide (Pt. 1)

The common misconception about online dating involves a lot of nerds, weirdoes and lonely people. However, anyone who tried knows the truth is nothing like that.

In actuality, online dating sites are packed with pretty awesome single people who are simply looking for a date. One can meet a lot of different individuals on these websites and maybe even the love of their life!

But finding love through cyber dating isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are actually quite a few tricks you could use to enrich your experience – tricks not many online daters utilize (wherein lies your advantage).
Online Dater

Stay True

Although every online dater is safely sitting behind their profile photo and info, it’s advisable to create your profile with as much honesty as possible.

Those who misrepresent themselves usually have something to hide, whether it’s a lack of success in life or a devious con to scam someone out of their money. In any case, it’s much better to show your true self.

Bending facts, lying about your achievements and over-photoshopping your pics may help you score a date, but nobody in their right mind will want a relationship with someone who doesn’t live up to the initial claims.

Be Thorough

Since we already started talking about profiles, let’s take quick look at yet another very important aspect of a good online dating experience.

You know how you’re asked all these questions when first joining a dating service? Questions like “What’s your favorite animal?” or “Which Harry Potter character you like the most?” There’s a good reason why these exist, and even more reasons why you should answer them.

Drawing the right kind of attention on online dating sites can only be done if you’re sending the right message across. If you want to come off as funny, use witty lines and humorous photos. On the other hand, giving an impression of living, walking sexiness requires hot pics and mysterious quotes.

Don’t Be A Troll Or A Weirdo

Although online daters indeed do sit behind their virtual profiles, that doesn’t give them the freedom to offend other members.

The world of online dating generally boasts a pleasant atmosphere, but there are still those who like nothing better than sending overly sexual messages to much, much younger people, send promiscuous photos without warning and intentionally harass others.

Behaving like this can lead to one of two things: either you eventually stumble upon someone who’s stupid or lacking enough confidence to respond to you, or you get reported and kicked/banned from the website. The latter is much more common.

Taking It Slow

Like in the offline world, men and women do pretty much the same things on online dating sites. In this instance, there’s a good number of guys who use porn-like pickup lines to try and score a date.

Needless to say, this doesn’t work. Sending someone a message that says “Gurl I’d tap dat anytime!” only shows how inconsiderate you are, which will send all sane women running to the hills. In other words, don’t do it.

It’s much better to get to know someone over a period of time, just like in real life.

This will give you a better insight into a person’s likes, dislikes, and interests, which will determine if they’re a good match for you.

Stay tuned, part 2 is coming soon!