How To Gracefully Turn Someone Down On An Online Dating Site

If you compare traditional to online dating, you’ll find that the two have as many similarities as they have differences.

While the latter is much easier to use and provides you with more options than the former, both of these love-finding ways have one thing in common – rejection.

We wouldn’t be wrong to assume that all of us have heard the dreadful ‘no’ at least once in our lives, but dishing out that same word is a completely different situation. In that name, here are a few tips on how to turn down someone you’ve met online while avoiding the bad feeling that comes right after.

Doing What Needs To Be Done

Online dating sites aren’t only more efficient than conventional dating, but they also keep you light on your feet. Everything in online dating happens fast, which means those who use it are required to make good first impressions if they want to make someone interested in them.

When it comes to turning someone down, a good first impression can make things pretty difficult for you. In many cases, you will be contacted by someone you wouldn’t be caught dead on a date with, yet they piqued your interest upon first contacting you.

Although rejection exists both on dating services and in real life, it doesn’t necessarily have the same rules for both of these worlds. For example, you can’t really look the other way and pretend there’s no one there after a guy or a girl approaches you in real life, but you can most certainly do that on online dating sites.

Ignoring is never a good option when it comes to online dating. Make sure you always reply to your admirer, no matter what your answer is. Politeness goes a long way is always welcome.

Recognize The Right Moment

So, nipping things in the bud politely is a completely viable tactic if your goal is getting rid of someone who contacted you on an online dating site. But what happens if you’ve already began a conversation with them, only to decide they’re not worthy of your time?

This happens on online dating sites more than you would think, actually. People often start talking and sharing stories and experiences before they realize they could never be in a relationship with one another.

If this is the case, the “turn you head away and pretend no one’s there” is again out of the question – you’re trying not to feel like a complete douchebag, remember? But don’t worry, as there is an easy solution to this.

The last thing you want to do in a situation where you’re already chatting with someone is to log off in the middle of a sentence. It’s the online equivalent of hanging up the phone while the other side is talking.

What you should do, on the other hand, requires a really good timing. Instead of running away and pretending nothing happened, wait for the right moment and simply explain what’s going on. This will save both you and the person interested in you from both pain and stress.

Honesty is the always the best policy.