5 Huge Red Flags That Give Away Online Predators Instantly

Social networks and online dating have become everyday things for all of us. Even our grandparents are now online (yes, some of us know how annoying and humiliating it can be to receive a friend request from nana).

However, not that many dating site and social network users actually realize just how many random people we meet online, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to recognize an online predator.

And here’s why:

  • They don’t stand out
  • They seem like everyday, normal persons
  • They are polite
  • They use fake accounts, fake information, and fake pictures that seem rather genuine at first.

If an online predator is diligent and not sloppy, it’s almost impossible to spot one.


This is exactly why we decided to delve a little bit deeper into this issue and give you these 5 warning signs that will help you recognize an online predator early on.
online predator

1. Online Predators Are Nosy

After a few chatting sessions with their victims, online predators will start asking too many personal questions.

They will want to know details about your:

  • Close friends
  • Family and relatives
  • School
  • Favorite leisure activities.

2. Their Stories Just Won’t Add Up

After a while, they will start talking about their life stories that will have a lot of discrepancies. This is a huge red flag, and if you come across some details that seem fishy and a bit off, you are probably dealing with an online predator.

3. Online Predators Seek Your Personal Information

They will soon start asking about your:

  • full name
  • birth date
  • exact address
  • best friends’ names
  • even your family bank accounts

4. They Will Agree With Everything You Say

No matter what you are talking about and no matter what you say, they will:

  • Always answer positively
  • Say that they feel the exact same way
  • Say that everything you experienced happened to them as well.

This is how they win you over and gain your complete trust.

5. They Will Offer You Gifts Or Even Money

Soon, they will start offering you:

  • Presents
  • Cool toys
  • Cool gadgets
  • Money

all in hope to get your address or talk you into meeting them in person.

If you recognize some of these signs with the person you are currently talking to online (it doesn’t matter if it is on a popular social network like Facebook or Twitter, or via an online dating site), make sure to end all contact with that person and block them immediately.