5 Essential Tips On How To Get A Date When You Are Overweight

According to the latest findings, more than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of American adults are considered to be overweight, while more than one-third (35.7 percent) of Americans are considered to be obese.

TV shows, movies, fashion industry and our society in general, tend to set the norm that only thin and masculine bodies are attractive. However, as we all know – people of all shapes and sizes should be able to fall in love and find their soul mate, no matter what.

We all ought to have equal chances of finding happiness, but how does someone gain that confidence in a society that tells us overweight is ugly?

Read on.

1. Self-Acceptance Is Key

According to Marie Denee, the plus-size fashion and style blogger, self-acceptance is crucial.

“In order to have confidence, you have to accept yourself for the beautiful person you are,” says Marie. “Not everyone will like you — and this is OK! You are not attracted to every person, are you? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but more importantly, you have to accept yourself for who you are — curves, love handles and all!”

So, how does this translate into online dating? It is rather simple actually:

  • make sure you are always honest when posting photos of yourself
  • don’t Photoshop your pics so you don’t look chubby
  • always be honest about your looks when meeting someone new.

2. Emphasize The Positive

Holistic health counselor, Golda Poretsky, agrees that focusing on your best assets should be your number one strategy when looking for a date online.

“Accentuate the parts of your body that you already like,” says Poretsky. “Even if you’re new to the body acceptance game, there’s probably some part of you that you like. Maybe it’s your eyes, or your hands, or your cleavage. Accentuate that part with makeup, clothing, jewelry or shimmery body lotion.”

3. Don’t Just Assume Others See You As Unattractive

This one is a bit tricky, but you’ll get there. The secret is to let go of all possible assumptions about how other online daters perceive your looks.

  • Never assume only negative things about your attractiveness
  • Don’t think “I simply can’t wear that dress…”
  • Don’t assume your crush won’t be interested in you just because you have a few extra pounds!

Once you manage to function without these negative thoughts, “it will definitely open up worlds”, says Poretsky.

4. Learn To Cope With Rejection

You need to understand that rejection is an inevitable part of the dating process and that rejection happens to all of us, regardless of our size. Once you accept this as a notion and a fact, you will be able to break any dating shackles.

“It’s important to remind yourself that rejection happens to everyone. If you’re always blaming your size for dating woes, it’s time to stop. The answer is to date more, not less. Rejection hurts a lot less when you have a date lined up for the next night,” clear is Poretsky.

5. Make Your Profile Description Positive Yet Honest

Finally, we come back to honesty. Your dating profile should describe who you really are and there should be no secrets whatsoever.

Update your profile info so you feel good about yourself, while you are still being honest about your looks.

Use some of the following useful and cute terms for overweight people:

  • plus-sized
  • fluffy
  • full-figured
  • voluptuous
  • curvy…

This way you will send a positive message about yourself and your self-esteem, and other online daters will know you are strong enough to embrace who you really are.

Honesty goes a long way!