3 Most Common Mistakes People Make On Dating Sites In The US

Even though our online lives have taken over our real lives almost completely, we still don’t seem to comprehend the online etiquette. Sure, we’ve figured out how to properly use every single aspect of every social media platform, yet, the rules of proper internet etiquette just don’t want to stick to our brains somehow.

The biggest mistakes, however, come from the online dating sphere of our online lives. Among the many mistakes people in the US make on online dating sites, these three take the cake.
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Saying And Showing Too Much

Let’s start off with your profile picture. People presume that it’s always best to post your best possible photo on your online dating profile and to even make it their profile photo. However, that doesn’t seem to be that good of an option since people often don’t look like their best photos.

Those of you that do, sure, go right ahead. But the rest of you are only setting yourself up for failure if you post your best one.

Instead, try and aim to post everyday, normal pictures of yourself and try to avoid photos where the light catches you perfectly. The majority of people don’t look like movie stars in real life, so you’re not going to fool anyone when they meet you in person.

Secondly, when writing stuff in your “about me” section on your profile, make sure you don’t go crazy and say too much – but don’t be cheap with words, either. Don’t be negative, stuck-up, and seem like you think you’re too good for online dating.

Also, keep in mind not to pretend you’re something you’re not, and especially don’t go telling different individuals different things. People do talk with one another even on dating sites, so you might end up getting caught.

Not Conversing Properly With Potential Matches

The most important part of your conversation with someone is the first message. A lot of people don’t realize this aspect too lightly by writing just about anything to someone who captures their interest.

This is completely wrong.

Don’t write a random introduction and copy and paste it to all of your potential love candidates. Get a general idea of how to present yourself to everyone, and then mention something related to their own interests. Whether it’s their job, hobby, pet, music, movies, or their unusual fashion style – it doesn’t matter.

Show them that you have interest them as individuals and that you had carefully read their profiles.

Most members can spot a generic message from the get go, and they won’t even respond to them. And why should they? Would you respond to a generic, boring message, or to something that only contains the word “Hi” in it? It’s not that hard to write something substantial.

It’s also pretty important to see whether there’s a spark between you and a potential match, but it’s always easier and less intimidating to fall into the trap of endless texts and emails. Don’t do that! After a few messages, when you’ve gotten to know someone, ask to speak on the phone. And again, after a few phone conversations, ask them out on a date.

Be Upfront

Whether you’re looking for the perfect husband or wife on an online dating site, or you’re just looking for something casual and fun, always be upfront with your intentions.

Honestly say what you’re all about and what you’re looking for, so you don’t end up hurting someone and being marked as a total jerk. If someone is not interested in your ultimate love plan let them go, don’t try to see whether things will work out in your favor (because they won’t).

Also, don’t stalk them. Don’t be that person.